4 Crystals That Help with Anxiety

4 Crystals That Help with Anxiety

Anxiety is something everyone will experience at some point. It’s an unpleasant feeling but a normal one. If you are struggling with some anxiety, stones and crystals can help ease some of your tension. In today’s post, Divinely Rooted goes over some crystals for anxiety. Read on to learn more and shop stones and crystals today!


Rhodonite is a powerful stone that works well with your root and heart chakras. It offers clarity to one’s inner experiences and can be rubbed in times of distress. It does wonders to help relieve anxiety. Anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, or low confidence may benefit from owning a rhodonite.


Citrine is a member of the quartz family and is great at promoting prosperity, happiness, and good energy. It can also help release anger and boost self-esteem. It is connected to the solar plexus and sacral chakra and often helps when you are feeling overwhelmed. Sit with citrine near your pubic bone when you are feeling out of control to help alleviate negative energy.


Moonstone is a stone of balance and can often help when your energy is feeling out of whack. It brings harmony wherever it goes. If you are feeling anxious, moonstone is an excellent stone to wear as jewelry.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is an exceptionally powerful crystal for anxiety as it will absolutely devour negative energy. It promotes a strong grounding effect and will help anxiety melt away. Try keeping this stone by the entrance to your home to keep the energy right.

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