4 Tips for Charging and Cleaning Your Crystals

If you’ve recently felt yourself getting bogged down by negative energy and emotions, Divinely Rooted’s stones and crystals might be the remedy you need. The idea of using stones and crystals for healing purposes extends back to ancient Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, so this isn’t just a fleeting trend! If you’re looking into crystals for beginners, though, an important step is learning how to clean them and recharge their energy.

Cleansing and Charging With Water

Water can have untold restorative effects on crystals — plus, there are so many types of water you can use! Moon water is said to be especially effective since it is water that has been charged with the power of the moon. You can soak your crystals in moon water or rinse them with it. The important thing is that you keep the moon water out of sunlight so it doesn’t lose its potency. If moon water doesn’t feel like the right vibe, sea water or even tap water and gentle soap can be used to clean your crystals as well. Whichever water-based method you use, make sure to thoroughly dry your crystals afterwards so they don’t suffer water damage.
crystals in sun

Cleansing and Charging With Light

Many crystals for anxiety need to be recharged often, especially if your life involves a lot of stress. Light from the sun or moon is said to have powerful cleansing properties that can be channeled into your stones and crystals. Leave your crystals on your windowsill whenever the sun is out or the moon is full in order to beam some energy back into them.
crystals in moss

Cleansing and Charging With Earth

If you’re a beginner when it comes to crystals, you’ll quickly learn that many crystals align themselves with certain natural elements. Earth is touted as a particularly strong one, so an effective way to cleanse and recharge your crystals is by burying them in the ground. The crystals can resonate with the element they were created from, draining away their negative energy and becoming refreshed. You can also consider pairing your crystals with selenite, which is specifically thought to cleanse other crystals.
woman holding crystal

Metaphysical Cleansing and Charging Methods

Most healing effects of crystals and stones are said to be metaphysical, so it makes sense that they would have spiritual cleansing methods as well. These methods vary greatly, but can include everything from visualization techniques to breathing on your crystals and connecting them to your spirit guides. The most important component among these methods is clearing your mind and focusing on channeling positive energy into your crystals.
Whether you’re seeking crystals for beginners, crystals for anxiety, or even crystals for physical wellness, Divinely Rooted has everything you need to begin taking care of your spiritual and metaphysical health. Check out our stones and crystals today!